Thursday, January 31, 2008

New month New start...looking ahead

Let me start off by saying I am a very goal oriented individual. I love to strive for things that are set in front of me be they by myself or by others. One example...where I work we have an incentive program where there are 10 pins you can earn. Your goal is to earn them all.....well, by golly I am gonna do my darndest to get them all!! (I have all but 2 by the way *grin*) And its not as if I did not accomplish anything in January, but I think everyone loves a frest start, so I look at the begining of each month as another month to start with a (relatively) clean slate. So that being said I have been thinking about what I am hoping to accomplish in the next month. As far as my quilty goals I have several.

1. Finish my block of the month -- all I have to do is quilt the outer border, bind and put a tag on it. I may add more quilting, but I'm not sure.

2. Finish the baby quilt -- I got that basted today and started quilting. I love baby quilts because they are soooo much faster to do than my usual size.

3. Finish the top of Amy's quilt -- I've had this waaaayyy longer than I intended. I need to get the top done, and get it finished so I can be back in Amy's hands!

4. Keep up with my swaps -- Don't want to end up not being able to swap for a while. Swapping one of the big reasons I joined my first internet group, I love swapping :cD

5. Finish my ugly fat quarter challenge quilt -- its wallhanging size. I'd elaborate more, but its design is to be kept secret until the voting on one of my groups. I PROMISE I will share a picture as soon as I can.

6. Continue to use up my stash, and to buy as little as possible (at least for right now).

Kind of a big list for me, but I'm gonna do my best to reach as many of these goals as I can :)

Speaking of using up your stash, what is everyone doing Superbowl Sunday? I was looking through blogs and came across this. Now I have to work this Sunday, but usually we're VERY slow businesswise so I am anticipating a short day. If it does happen, I think I may join along. I don't think I'll be making the big version. Actually I was thinking of making a throw that I will probably donate to a silent auction for the school City used to work for. And I just happen to have lots of strips already cut from organizing my stash. Now not that I need to start something new, but I love the thought of being part of a group doing something even if it is via the internet. The directions for the Scrappy Bargello are over at Quiltville. (LOVE that site!!) I can't wait to see how they turn out :cD

Now as for other goals, I am really aiming for a fall marathon, so I am going to write out the base training program to get in shape for it. So as far as that goes I am aiming for running (at least 4, but preferably) 5 days a week. And to start doing my favorite floorwork program again. I have some tapes of it, and it is still on one of the stations we get. Just gotta make myself get up and do it.

Well, I am off today so I am going to go get some quilting done, yea!! Hope everyone continues to look ahead, think positive, and to reach the goals you set for yourself. Warm country wishes!


Andrea said...

Good luck with your goals !! I was a bit tempted to do the Superbowl bargello even though I don't know what the superbowl is - lol ! Have fun.

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You sure have some lofty goals set for yourself! Making goals is a good thing and I hope you accomplish them all!

Great looking quilts too! That dog quilt is just too cute!