Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday beautiful Saturday

Oh how I love Saturdays!! Every other week city mouse takes the mouselings for the morning and lets me have a big chunk of the day to myself. AAaaaahhhh....peace and quiet! So I slept in a little bit, got up made a big pot of coffee and just enjoyed my day. I started working on the baby quilt. It has gone sooo fast! I only have to add sashing to the left hand side and the bottom half is pretty much done! It is a Billie Lauder pattern. The person I am making it for said they would like black/white/red for the baby quilt I am making for them. I hope they like the pattern I chose. I still have to add 3 rows of 9-patches to the top and that's it. Quick quick!! (I won't mention all the frog stitching I did because I was in a hurry. I might have actually gotten it done if I had just slowed down a bit, but....oh well, water under the

After I got some work in on the doggie quilt I made a quick trip to the local Jo-Anns. Picked up a few things for one of the ladies I am in a group with, batting (yeah 50% off!), and some muslin out of the remnant bin for foundation squares for my string quilt. Not too bad. I really tried to not buy too much I didn't need, and although the fat quarters were as tempting as jars full of candy (and only .99 to boot), I resisted and didn't buy any :cD I also got another small project done. I recently bought a composition book that has gridded pages in it so I can sketch out quilt designs, and, well I couldn't just leave it as is, so I made another journal cover for it.

I got a nice 4 mile run in after that. Unfortunatly I had to run on the treadmill because it is WAY too cold here right now. But I just put the radio on to my favorite station and just enjoyed being able to run without worring about what a mouseling may be getting in to. How nice!! When the family finally arrived home City had set it up for someone to watch the little ones and we got to go out to dinner, just the two of us. We just went to a little family owned restaurant, but I have to say they are usually my favorites. Such a warm, friendly atmosphere, and good food. I had a big bread bowl filled to overflowing with stuffed pepper soup. Yummy! Then we spent some quality time with the mouselings. And now here I am winding down from the day. It is so nice when a day just flows and you can just enjoy the time. No housework, no cooking, just time to relax, have fun, and enjoy being with family. Those days don't come very often, but I've learned to really enjoy them when they do, I know it may be a while til I get another. Tomorrow its back to the regular grind, but today I am oh so thankful for such a wonderful day. Here's hoping that we can all find other days like this soon, and enjoy them to the fullest!! Warm country wishes :cD

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Jacquie said...

You are so right! I look forward all week to Saturdays and some time for just me. I enjoyed looking at your quilts. I ran into the same 99 cent fat quarters at JoAnn's. Sad to say I didn't just buy the muslin I needed. I'm new to the whole blog thing too...thanks for sharing some places to find things...I need a whole lot of help with this.