Friday, January 11, 2008

Just an update...

Can't say I've done a whole lot the last day or two, I've been down with a stomach flu or something...I hate being sick :( I did make a little progress on a few quilts, though. I got out to buy backing for my BOM 2006, now to get it basted. Hope to do that this weekend. Also got to work on my double irish chain. I am doing it totally scrappy. Wanted to share a pic of that. I'm not too sure about the block that is in the center of the top row. I'm afraid the center may be a bit dark. Guess I'll make that decision later. Also made some progress on my mocha lover's quilt. I hate to say this, but I may have to replace a block or two. I hate to say that because I got the blocks for this top from a swap. I know most everyone in the groups I'm in does the best job that they are able to, but I have 2 blocks that have problems with not leaving me enough fabric for the seam allowance. Maybe I can make them work, guess that's another wait and see. Well, its time for me to go get the house ready for the weekend. Hate to have house work left over on the 2 days we actually get to spend as a family, so this little mouse is gonna go get busy. Warm country wishes :cD
country mouse

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tenderheart_quilter said...

Country Mouse~ I love that you are posting pictures in your blog! You are meant to have a blog- it is really showing me a lot about you and I love it. Your quilts are very nice! Anne