Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yippee!! A day off!!

I love a day off! I feel like I can get so much done, especially if I get up early like I did today. I have been able to work on 5, yes 5 quilts today plus complete a little side project, and the day isn't over yet!! I wanted to share a picture of what will hopefully be my first finish of 2008. It is a block of the month I did in 2006 and I think its about time to 'get-r-done'. I have the border fabrics picked out and cut. I just have to get them attatched and I can get on to quilting. Wooohooo! Oh, and I got some house cleaning done, but hey, who really wants to hear about that ;)

I have also been playing around a little bit trying to figure out how to personalize and customize my blog a little bit more. I am not the most computer literate, but I'm getting there. Guess my brother won't be able to buy me that "I'm road-kill on the information super-high way" bumper sticker after all. :cD I am still figuring stuff out, but having lots of fun.

Well, I'm off to get a few more things done. I like to keep myself one busy little mouse. Warm country wishes :)

country mouse


tenderheart_quilter said...

JaDee~ Girl, you did a great job on your blog! I am still struggling about where I want my blog to go. You gave me some ideas! I love that quilt. Keep posting on your blog and I , for one, will keep reading. Anne

SueScrappin' said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. How did you get it to look so cute... Man, I need help.

Keep up the good job.