Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plans? What plans?

Let me start off by sharing a picture of the quilt I am doing for a friend of mine. This is the one that was supposed to be basted this past weekend. Unfortunatly, it didn't get basted. As a matter of fact I didn't sew but six little blocks for my ugly fat quarter challenge. We went to mom and dad mouse's for the weekend, and I had all these ideas and plans on what I wanted to do, and, well, it didn't go quite as planned. But hey, its ok we had a great weekend anyway. We arrived on Saturday late afternoon, and made a quick trip to Jo-Anns were I picked up batting for the quilt you see, backing for the baby quilt, and some amber beads for a bracelette I wanted to make. We got home just in time for the home made lasagne to come out of the oven, and proceded to eat more than we should (a trend that would continue all weekend :cD ) After dinner the mouselings had fun playing while we visited and I did get the bracelette done.

Sunday went by way too fast. We went out for a breakfast buffet (yummy) then went over to visit a home and garden store (have to walk off some of those calories, right?) where we found some new dining room chairs which we were in serious need of. After we headed back to the house mama mouse and I went to the one quilt shop we actually made it to. Neither of us had been there before. The shop was called Always in Stitches, and it was a really nice little shop. Very friendly staff, nice selection, and on top of that they also have a jewelery making section. Talk about a store just for me!! I didn't buy any fabric, but I did end up buying some beads and findings. Also found a great little enamel charm that is a log cabin block. I'm putting it up till I can find more, different charms to make a quilting charm bracelette. Monday was mouseling #1's birthday so he pretty much decided the course of the morning. We had a good breakfast then took him shopping and had lots of fun. City and I got away for a lunch on our own, then before we knew it, it was time to head home. Time goes so fast. I'm just glad we were able to go down for the long weekend. Well, its back to the daily grind for me, hopefully I'll find some more time for quilting the rest of the week. Warm country wishes!!


Jacquie said...

Thanks so much for putting a link to my blog. I'm new at this blogging thing so I never know if people will find me. This top is very pretty. Are you planning to hand or machine quilt? I hope I will find the courage to make something this size in the future.

country mouse said...

You are very welcome. I was at your blog today and want to thank you for linking to me. I am going to machine quilt this one. I would love to hand quilt more, but have carpal tunnel and, unfortunately, am not able to hand quilt like I would like to. I love love love the look of hand quilting. I do hand quilt some of my quilts, but not as many as I would like to.