Monday, January 7, 2008

Sooooo....what do you think about?

One of the things I like about having a blog is that I can ramble on about things that those in my house don't understand or don't think about and hopefully strike a chord with someone out there who is interested. With that being said I was sewing today and started thinking about all sorts of things. I'm sure we all do this. Think about what we have to do, how our day has gone, maybe about the person you are making a quilt for, family or old friends. But how about those odd thoughts that just kinda pop up? Case in point, while I was sewing today, winding yet another bobbin, I looked down at my spools of thread to see one that had 1000 yards on it. It got me thinking, how much thread do I use in peicing my quilt tops? I know I've used through many a spool of thread. Now, I used to be in the marching band way back in HS, so I am familiar with the 100 yard football field. I started thinking I know I'll use that whole spool at some point, and wow that is equal to 50 trips down and back on the football field! Thats a lot of walking. Then I started to wonder how many spools it would take to span the marathon distance? How would that much thread look like if it were just pulled off the spool and piled on the floor? Hmmmmmm.....I know, only the kind of thoughts a quilter would have. But it is interesting to think that thread that could cover that kind of distance can be used to make something the size of a bed quilt. That's a lot of thread in a relatively small space. Something to think about, huh ;)

Wanted to share a couple of pictures. The first is of a journal cover I made. It was in one of my quilting magazines, and I thought it was a cool way to cover just a plain old composition book that I wanted to use as a journal. I think I am going to be making more of these. They were quite easy, and I just love an extra opportunity to touch fabric everyday :cD

The other is of what I was working on today (OK, the main project anyway). I finally got the borders on my 2006 BOM. This is just a pic of the corner, but the pic I had of it on the bed did not show the borders so I decided to share this one instead. It feels really good to have this one ready to baste and start quilting. I am waiting for the sale going on next week at Jo-Ann's to get my backing and batting for this one so I am going to pull another UFO out and get to working. Well, I am off to go play with my scaps. I may also get a little more sewing done on my Mocha lovers top. Gotta udwind from the stress from work and I wasn't even there today. There was an altercation that I had to go in and fill out a paper about. I wasn't directly involved, but I was a witness and they wanted as many points of view as they can get to help make decisions. UGH! I hate getting involved in things like that, but I understand why they do it. So I am off to play some more, hope you all find some quilty time too. Warm country wishes :cD
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Maureen said...

I really like the fabric covered journal! Neat idea. And your quilt is gorgeous.
You're also doing a great job with your blog and keeping up with it.