Thursday, February 7, 2008

OK, just one more (kinda) random thought for the day

Well, I just got done cutting a bunch of squares for Amy's quilt and strips for the other half of the scrappy bargello when I had a thought cross my mind. How do you feel when you use up the last of a fabric in your stash? I was thinking about it because there are several fabrics where the last peices of it will go into these 2 quilts. Me? Well it may sound weird, but its kinda bittersweet. Yes, I am really happy that I've used up something, and I know it will be used and that fabric will be seen. But on the other hand I usually pick up a fabric for a specific project or because it really called to me, and I've formed a silly little sentimental attatchment that makes it hard to see it go. Does anyone else feel this way? Strange, maybe. Something City wouldn't understand, definetly! This is when I'm happy that I have fellow quilters I can share a random thought with. Well, that's my silly little thought for now. I'm off to get some rest. Happy quilting all!!


Laurie said...

you needed to go with my friend and i to that dollar sale! wish you coudl've been there!

Andrea said...

I tell my DH that there are some fabrics I own that I will never use and he wondered if they were horrible. I told him no - they were just too gorgeous to use - he thinks I'm mad - lol !!

country mouse said...

Oh Laurie, I would have LOVED to have been so lucky as to have found a sale as great as you and your TSB did! All that great fabric! You did good :cD

Andrea, hearing you say that makes me feel so much better. City dosen't understand the whole 'too beautiful to use' thing either :cD