Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new question for you....

I've been working away here and had a new question keep popping into my head. What keeps me from turning all these finished tops into quilts? Its not that I don't enjoy the quilting process. I love to hand quilt although I don't do it as much as I would like due to having carpal tunnel syndrome. And I've come to really appreciate machine quilting. I remember when I first took up quilting I though machine quilting was kind of like 'cheating', but now I know better!! It takes just as much talent and practice to produce a beautifully machine quilted quilt as it does a hand quilted one. I've gotten much better at machine quilting, but still have a way to go to rival the beautiful work of some of the talented machine quilters out there. Its not really the basting process either. Now basting is definetly not my favorite part of the process, but I'm getting better at that too. I just wish I had more room to do it. Honestly (and this is probably going to sound really weird) I think what keeps me from getting them done is just the buying of the backing fabric and batting. I know that sounds funny, but really I think that is what it is. For whatever reason I have very little problem buying fabric that I 'may use someday' on the front of a quilt, but I feel like I'm spending too much when I buy the fabric for the backing. Weird, huh? Maybe I have a 'quilter's nutritional deficency'? Maybe I should have a chocolate bar and see if that helps *giggle* ;cD

Like I've said, I've been sewing away and have some pictures to share. The first is the center of my scrapy bargello. I am really surprised how so many different fabrics have come together to make such a nice top. There are some real odd and not-so-pretty fabrics in the mix, but it all works together. Now I have to figure out what kind of borders to put on it. I have also gotten my ugly fat quarter challenge quilt all done and a picture e-mailed to the hostess of the challenge. Now I can't share a picture of the whole top just yet, but here is a little peek (and a good look at the 'ugly' fabric, its the blue print) I promise to share a full picture as soon as I can.

I've also been slowly starting to get things ready to move my sewing area around and came up with a place for a design wall. I will admit it is a bit small, but its a start. My sewing area is in one of the mouselings rooms so I am trying to find ways to have a nice area without taking up too much space or being too obtrusive. So I decided to tack a peice of flannel up on the back of the door to their room. If I want to use it I just have to shut the door, and when its open (which it is most of the time anyway) they will never know its there. Right now I have the tumblers I have cut for a futrue charm quilt on it.

One last photo to share. You may know I've also taken up jewelry making , like I need another hobby lol, and wanted to share a picture of my latest creation. I've actually made a few of these because I've had people at work offer to buy the one I have worn in to work. I just think they're fun little necklaces :cD

Well thats about all the excitement around here right now. We are just busy with the other regular day to day activites and trying to keep warm. ( I think we are averaging under 20 degrees around here right now) The continued cold is the perfect reason to quilt, which is what I am off to do right now :cD Warm country wishes everyone!


Paula said...

"What keeps me from turning all these finished tops into quilts?"...Could it be that we find too much inspiration and need to make "just one more"? Plus, hand quilting takes time...and I love new projects!

As a matter of fact, I really like those tumblers and I've been wanting to make one myself. Seeing yours inspires me....OH NO!! More inspiration for more new quilts when I have 30 tops not quilted right now!!! LOL

OH well, enjoy whatever you do!

Jacquie said...

Oh have been busy. It's so fun to see what you are making. Pushes me a bit to sew more. Time has been short lately, but that will change. I like to make tops too...maybe it's because they come together faster...I just love to see an idea come to life. That bargello is just amazing!