Tuesday, February 12, 2008

of snow days, dissapearing 9-patches and Amy's quilt

Well, for once the snow did really come. And its still coming down! Actually, now we are waiting for the freezing rain that is supposed to come and wallop us. So we had another snow day here. At least right now it is really pretty. Soft white fluffy flakes gently falling out of the sky, and I have to admit that I really do like it when there is a fresh, unblemished blanket of white covering our yard :cD We've been having fun watching videos and doing things around the house and I have gotten a decent ammount of sewing done too. First I got one of my swaps out of the way then I got out Amy's quilt.
Its been a bit of a challenge so far. The center that you see was done by Amy back in the 80's. She brought it to me and asked me if I could bring it up to queen size and finish it off for her. I have really tried to square it up (I think I did ok) and I added the dark flower border to it today. It was hard for me to part with that fabric....I just love it.....but I think it was the right choice. Now it IS long enough, I just need to widen it up a bit so I have some applique work for it, and started making some dissapearing 9-patches to add to that outside. She said she is perfectly fine with me using up my scraps to finish this up, so I hope she'll be happy with the finished product. I am really trying to get this top done and basted before the end of the month. Also been organizing my sewing area, well trying at least. So we've been busy :cD

Well I'm off to get a few more things done before I have to go into work. Boy I wish we grown-ups could have snow days from work! lol Oh well, at least I had time to get some fun in today. Hope everyone else did too. Warm country wishes!!


Jacquie said...

I love your disappearing nine patches. Yours are so much nicer than mine. I needed to pay more attention to value. You did, and they look so good.

Babs Schmidt said...

I just tagged you! Check out my blog!