Saturday, March 29, 2008

YEA!! We did it!!

This morning was the 5k I had been talking about . I didn't get to bed til 2 am (I've said it before and I'll say it again, gotta love the food service industry) but I had made a promise and darn it I was going to keep it! I set my loudest alarm clock and off to bed I went. I have to say 7:30 came very early for me this morning. I crawled out of bed, got myself ready, and was out the door by 8:00. I had to get there early because I had to register for the race yet. I got there and got signed in and started keeping an eye out for my friends who were on their way. After we met up and everyone got signed in, it was just a matter of waiting for the start of our race. Both my friends were nervous as well as excited because it was their first race. I was the 'veteran' because I've run several races (from 2 miles to the marathon distance) and I was excited to get to run with them. They were worried that they would hold me back, but I was there to have fun and run with my friends so I told them I wasn't worried about that. Its so much fun to run with people running their first race :cD After an awesome rendition of the Star Spangled Banner we were on our way. It went surprisingly fast! We got through the first mile quite easily, then in the second it got a bit tougher, but we kept chugging along. The third mile was the roughest, quite a bit was uphill. We all stayed together and kept each other going. Just when we thought the uphill would never end we finally got to the downhill part and the end was in sight. We finished in 32:28, not too shabby! My friends did awesome, I am so proud of them!! After that we headed to the food tables (the biggest reason I run ;D ) and loaded up before I had to head on my way. Soooo much fun! I don't know why I don't sign up for more, but I do know we've all decided that we are definitely running another race together in July if not sooner :cD The picture above is the race shirt that was in the goodie bag along with a water bottle from one of the sponsors and 2 tickets to an Akron Aeros game (local minor league baseball team) I'm looking forward to taking the kids to a game. It will be the first sporting event they've attended. Should be cool. I forgot to take my camera to the race, but one of my friends remembered hers so if she forwards me a copy of the picture of us I'll be sure to share.

Also wanted to share a picture of one of the things that is a definite sign spring is on the way. The other day I heard a familiar 'hooooee-hoooo' outside on our porch. It was a pair of mourning doves. For what ever reason we have had a mating pair build a nest on one of the pillars of our porch for the last several years. Now I haven't seen them since I snapped this picture, hopefully I didn't scare them away with my picture taking. I don't think I did though because I have heard them since. Guess we'll just wait and see :cD

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day. Hope to get some quilty fun in, hope you do too!! Warm country wishes.


Jacquie said...

Congratulations and a good time to boot. Amazing you did that on so little sleep. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Barb said...

CONGRATS!! Sounds like you 'did it' and had fun too! I love the picture of the Doves ~ they are shy but the pair at my house seems to be pretty constant with their habits ~ I am guessing yours are still there too!

Andrea said...

Oh well done - I haven't run for years - not really something I enjoy but I admire people who do. Congratulations !!

lavenderblueskies said...

Having friends counting on you to be there does wonders for getting you up and going doesn't it?

I saw my verification that springs on its way earlier this week during my morning commute-- a flock of robins crowded onto a patch of brown, dead grass surronded by shrinking snowbanks on three sides. Ahh...the promise of warm days to come!

julieQ said...

Great job on your 5k finish! Worth getting up for, right? Congratulations!