Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where to start, where to start?

Wow its been a busy couple of days. Let me start off with a couple pictures of my neck of the woods. We recently experienced an ice storm here. Despite all the troubles it caused, I think it made everything just beautiful. Maybe I'm just weird, but I loved to just look at the trees for the last couple of days :cD All the beauty made me want to get my camera out. Also got my mind rambling on non quilty things, and since I love to talk, be it verbally or via a key board, I decided to start a second blog where I will be posting pictures and my thoughts on things. You can visit my other blog here.

On to quilty news. I had some great surprises early this week. First is I won a manic monday giveaway from the Quilting Pirate, then I was accepted by the other blog ring I applied to. I also put a neo-counter on my blog so I can get an idea where my visitors are from. It is sooo cool to see all the different places, especially the different countries!! I have been able to get some sewing done too. I am totally excited to report that the hand quilting on the April Showers quilt is done, and the binding is on. Now I just have to hand stitch it to the back. Also been working on swaps. I am hostessing one in one of my groups where we are swapping Ohio Stars so we can make the Random Ohio Stars quilt on the Quiltville web site. I have 4 done, have to get 4 more done for the swap. I am trying to use up some of my scraps so not all the sets will be the same for everyone.

I have also been hand tying the Tennessee quilt and hope to get that finished tonight and the binding on it too. I am working on Amy's quilt today. I have one border done, and the second almost there. I finally feel like I am making some progress on things. I have set the goal for myself that I will get at least 2 more UFOs (beyond the April Showers quilt and Tennessee quilt) before I even attempt to start something new. Don't know if it will happen, but heck, I'm gonna try :cD I also got to visit my favorite LQS today. I love it there. There is something special about going into a shop where the owner welcomes you by name when you walk in the door. Picked up some pretty fat quarters for a swap to celebrate one of my on-line groups anniversary. Busy, busy, busy. And now I'm off to continue the trend ;D I don't have to work today so I am going to continue to work away on those lovely piles of fabric that are longing to be finished quilts. Warm country wishes!!

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