Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been a bad girl

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to start any new projects, but I just couldn't help myself! After seeing Jacquie's Cathedral windows I just had to start one. It is just in the beginning stages so I don't have any pictures just yet. I also wanted to have a hand stitching project to work on tomorrow. DS is going to be competing in a speech meet, and I know I'll have some extra time. We are all excited that he was chosen to go. He will be reciting Psalm 1, and I know that somewhere between the opening ceremony, his speech, and the awards ceremony there will be some free time. His teacher said there will be movies for the kids to watch during 'down time' and now I'll have something to do too. I'll make sure to let you know how it all goes :cD

There is also a silent auction fund raiser at the school that City used to teach at tomorrow. I've donated this quilt to help out. Hopefully it will help to raise some good money.

Now I have to admit this isn't a particularly special quilt. It is made from blocks from 3 different swaps I participated in in the past. I just stitched them together so I could turn some of those blocks from swapping into a quilt, machine quilted it and there it was. And I know I could never possibly use all the quilts I make so I know I will gift out or donate a fair number of them. But there is always a bittersweetness to seeing a quilt leave. I can't tell you quite why. Maybe because of all the work that goes into making them. I know how much effort I put into creating each one. Then for me I guess there is this little worry that someone won't like it or that it will end up being used for pet bedding (which isn't bad if that is the quilt's intended purpose, I've seen dog and cat quilts, but they are specifically made for the animals) or for covering something in the garage, or just plain unappreciated after all that work went into it. Maybe that sounds silly. Maybe its just me, I don't know. At least at an event like this people will be bidding on it so the one that gets it will really want it, so that makes me feel better. City found out who bought the one last year, and he told me that she was thrilled to be the winning bidder. The woman who won it had always wanted to take up quilting, and had tried on occasion, but never completed one. So she was really happy to have one in her home. That made me feel really good. I'll be interested to hear how it all goes. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow night so I can't be there to watch the bidding. I'm sure I'll get a full report from City, though, so I will let you all know how that goes too.

I am soooo totally looking forward to Saturday. Not only is it my day off, but it is National Quiting Day, so I will be doing lots of sewing (or at least trying to! lol). One of my groups is having an on-line party so that should be lots of fun. Hopefully everyone can spend at least a little time having some quilty fun that day.

I'm off to turn in early tonight. Well, early for me anyway. Got a big day tomorrow! Warm country wishes :cD

P.S. Don't forget to stop by Old Red Barn Co. for the quilt giveaway celebrating Dana's 200th post. She has pictures of the quilt and it is gorgeous. Good luck to everyone!!!


Jacquie said...

It's good to be "bad" every once in awhile. Can't wait to see your windows. I've been hand sewing a bit each night. So relaxing. Know what you mean about giving up a quilt for whatever reason. I want people to appreciate what went into it and take care of it accordingly. I guess that's the control freak coming out in me!

Paula said...

Love your quilt. Even if it's a combination of blocks from swaps! Looks great. I think it will raise a lot of money!