Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy happy Monday

What a great start to the week. Its a bit chilly, but the sun is shining, the snow is almost gone (well, except for the monster sized piles that will linger for at least another week or so in the shopping center parting lots) and its a day off for me. Yippee!!

I spent some time cleaning out my sewing area yesterday, and found a few more UFOs to add to my list on the left there. I never cease to be amazed at what I find when I clean out closets and such. I know when I put stuff away I think to myself "This will be a great place to store this. I know I'll remember I put this here." Then, almost without fail, I forget what I put where. It's almost like getting presents when I find them. Although to be honest some of the 'presents' I find this way are kind of like that awful pair of socks someone gets for you. I look at them and think "Was I out of my mind or what?" lol Aaaahhh well, its all a learning process. I tend to be pretty fearless when I work on a project. Just picking out fabrics I like that I think will work together. Choosing patterns and designing as I go along. Sometimes they turn out well, other times...well.......:cS Its OK though, its all fun so its all good.

Today is my day to devote solely to UFOs so I am quilting away on Jessica's quilt. Also hope to get some work in on a few others. Also gonna try to get out and get a run in today. I really haven't been running like I would like to be, but there is a group from work wanting to do a 5k in a couple weeks and I told them I would love to be part of the group. So I better start getting my rear out the door to go run :cD

We'll probably spend the evening in, but to all of those who will be going out for St. Patrick's Day, hope you have a wonderful evening. Have fun, be safe.
Warm county wishes!!


Barb said...

Good luck running that 5K, that takes a lot of HARD WORK to prepare for and to run it!

Do you love your Cathedral Window? I did one block in a Sampler (my first quilt) and that one block was so heavy that I used it as the center block just so my quilt would have some stability in the middle ;-D !! But they are beautiful to look at! Followed a few years later with individual tiny 2 inchers that I used as Christmas Decos on my tree, fun and pretty on the tree (my year for handmade country ornaments)but lots of work for the end results!

ellen said...

I like that quilt you have pictured there. It's beautiful.

I get where you are coming from about discovering UFO's tucked away somewhere safe. I do that all the time too. Thinking I'll get to it soon I put it away and then I get to re-finding it every so often.