Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its Election Day!!

I was just thinking of how blessed I am to live in a country where we are able to have a say in who it is who leads our country. Now I am not going to endorse any candidates. I feel everyone should educate themselves on the candidates and issues they are voting on and make the decision that they believe to be the right one. It is a great honor and responsibility that we have. So I would like to encourage everyone out there to get out and vote, but just in case you need some extra incentive....I just had to share this picture :cD
Ok, I just couldn't help but share that picture. Please don't think it is in any way making light of the seriousness of the elections this year, but I pass this sign every time I go to my friends house and the chalkboard part at the bottom changes from time to time, and I just got a chuckle out of it.

Not too much quilty to share this time. Been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and the fall foliage. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and again...PLEASE get out there and vote. Thanks

Warm country wishes


QuiltedSimple said...

We both voted today - and in our little village in Wayne Co. there was an hour and a half wait this morning. I flew through there this afternoon with a 10 min. wait. Love that sign - what a great idea!

jacquie said...

just goes to show...everyone is excited in their own way!

Renee said...

i was hesitant to vote but i did and thought i would have a panic attack right there at the poll. lol. such an important decision that everyone should make. here in ashland county we had the biggest voter turn-out ever!!! isn't that neat?

julieQ said...

Ha! Love that, and half of what you hear about politics is just that, don't you agree? I had no wait, just walked in the voted.