Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tell me again what month this is?

Hi everyone. I just couldn't help but ask that question. Here it is the middle of June, and the temperature this morning when I woke up was 47 degrees!! Yup 47!! Now I have to admit that I am a cooler weather person. I love the spring and fall seasons, but really now, this is darn cold for what is supposed to be early summer. At this rate we will be able to get out to go swimming in December! Seriously though, I do hope it warms up. Its hard to want to get out and play when the weather is just cold and gray. On the other hand it is rather conducive to quilting ;cD Speaking of which, I did get block 7 of amandajean's quilt along done the other day.

Here is a picture of the blocks I have done

I'm really happy with how they are coming along so far. I think I want to make sure I use more of the green in a few more of the remaining blocks as well as the striped fabric. Now I am starting to consider how I want to handle the setting blocks. I would love to use the fabrics from the bundle, but I'm wondering how controlled scrappy would look. Maybe I'll make a block up to see how it looks. I do need to get out and get more of the background fabric to make sure I have enough. I've also been working on my Pay it Forward gifts. Hopefully I will get them done by the end of July, I am really excited about what I came up with and can't wait to pass them along :cD

Well, its been hectic at work. Once school is out business always picks up, pair that with losing 3 kitchen employees in a week and a half and you can guess why I haven't been able to get done all I have been hoping to. I am so looking forward to my day off on Saturday. Gonna try to have a true Country Mouse kind of day. Some sewing, some baking, and some fresh air will do me a world of good I'm sure. I think I may indulge in a little 'retail therapy' too and do a little fabric shopping as well :cD Hopefully I will have a lot of progress to report. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Warm country wishes all!!

P.S. Though it might be fun to change my template. I'm gonna play around and see what else I can do. I would love to customize mine like some of the other great blogs I've seen :cD


Sara said...

I like the new template! But I did have to go back and check to make sure I was at the right blog! LOL!
And I agree, its mid June and its FREEZING out there! 6 months ago this was warm though!

Jacquie said...

Brrrr. That is chilly. Love how your blocks are looking. I set mine out like yours and I'm wondering if I'm going to use the setting blocks at all. I love the look of all the stars alone. We shall see.

QuiltedSimple said...

Yes, it's freezing - what's up with the weather. Love how your blocks are looking - and like the new look of your blog. I need to get the last 2 blocks done for the Quilt A Long - maybe tonight.


Purple and Paisley said...

your blocks are beautiful! your points look awesome...and i love the colors...=)

amandajean said...

I love your blocks! I have to admit it's great to see those fabrics in action. mine are still sitting in a pile. the colors look so bright and cheery against the crisp white. nice job on your blocks!

Em said...

I love your colors for the star quilt! All of your blocks are looking great - I agree with adding more of the green for sure!